The Disappeared | First week on the #Atlantic
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First week on the #Atlantic

crew ship

15 Sep First week on the #Atlantic

Our ocean adventure began shooting this week, off the coast of Lunenburg. The town of Lunenburg has been nothing but receptive and welcoming to cast and crew. The ocean is making a beautiful and spellbinding set. As The Disappeared team begins their fourth day of shooting, things have really been going well (touch cold iron!). Great conditions out there – makes for a nice 45 minute boat ride to our shooting platform on the open ocean, not too much seasickness, and no surprise seal attacks!

The weather has been amazingly cooperative thus far, with yesterday (Wednesday the 14) being an unseasonal 26 degrees, with a lovely warm breeze. This has been making for excellent conditions out on the water, as the cast and crew get used to being on the powerful ocean all day. It is a challenging shoot for the crew, for logistic aspects, but thankfully we have the best. Everyone loves this experience, at the hands of the mighty Atlantic. The film is calling on the skill, experience and professionalism of this 14-person crew. To catch a glimpse of how the ocean is treating our team in Luneburg, check out the 24 hour live web cam.

The six actors are embracing the ocean, and have been perfecting their rowing skills. This ensemble sure has their work cut out for them – but when it is all wrapped they will have the finest arms in North America! Row boys, row! This is not the kind of movie that is just about being a good actor; it is also about testing physical endurance, mental perseverance and working extremely hard.

Billy Campbell and Shawn Doyle have both been Tweeting updates about their time shooting at sea, and everyone seems to be in good spirits! Yesterday Shawn joked around saying the movie was all about beauty – not of the actors – but of the ocean. He then posted this clip of getting their hair done in the morning.

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