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Everyone Loves Marine Crew


29 Sep Everyone Loves Marine Crew

On our set, in the middle of the open ocean, everyone is one step away from swimming. The all important Marine Unit is our safety, transportation, communication and all-around on set organizers. They move the raft, our shooting platform, in and out of the wind and weather, depending on what we need for each scene. Wind too high? Move into the lee of an island.  Need bigger waves? Move out to expose us to the southern swell. This is the biggest
sound stage in the world and the marine crew have us covered.

They have two big boats that hold 40 people (Cape Islanders) and three zodiacs. The zodiacs are used to shuttle the cast and crew from the raft, to the main Cape Islander, to the camera and equipment boat and to and from land. Lunch arrives on them. The exposed film goes on them. Cast get back to port 30 minutes faster on them. Fast, efficient and reliable.

Captain Bill Flowers and his marine team of seven are always there when you need them. Peter Williams is the diver and is in his wet suit for 12 hours a day, ready to save anyone who topples into the sea. Bill’s brother Walter, when he isn’t shuttling the VIP’s or media to set, is often seen surfing the several nice point breaks along the coast. He owns a surf shop and a whale watching business as well. Mike Gray, known as Dory Mike, moves around the boats and ocean like it is his backyard. Well, it is his backyard! We think he must have webbed feet.

Jeff, Larry, John and Lucas round out the team and we could not make this film without their skill, dedication and incredible knowledge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Three cheers for the Marine Unit.

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