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Less Talk, More Action


18 Oct Less Talk, More Action

Enough talk already! It’s time for a sneak peek into the filming of The Disappeared. Here are a few selects from our talented and intrepid photographer Mike Tompkins. Click on the photo for a larger image.

The chauffeur service to set; going to work every day was amazing.  Our make-up artist Lindsay Thorne, writer/director Shandi Mitchell, actors Gary Levert, Ryan Doucette and Shawn Doyle with Dory Mike. The weather was (mostly) incredible on our three week shoot.

Resting their rowing arms between takes on the Atlantic Ocean. Brian Downey, Shawn Doyle, Ryan Doucette, Gary Levert (and a glimpse of Neil Matheson).

One of two beautiful dories from the 1950s we were privileged to use.

Action! Brian Downey sets the scene, with Billy Campbell and Ryan Doucette standing by.

Innovative tools to protect our gear from the elements. Director of Photography Christopher Porter gets close to the action.

Shawn Doyle, Neil Matheson, Gary Levert, Ryan Doucette and Brian Downey braved the elements to film this scene – it rained 112 millimetres on this overnight shoot in Lunenburg’s harbour. Hence the ‘mostly’ comment earlier.

Nice place to work – the last load off of the shooting platform after another wicked day at sea. 

This is just a taste of The Disappeared – can’t reveal too much too soon! Stay tuned for more photos a little later in the week. You can see more of Mike’s work here.

All images are property of Two Dories Film Inc.

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