The Disappeared | Introduction Speech at Gimli
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Introduction Speech at Gimli

22 Aug Introduction Speech at Gimli

For those of you who have not seen The Disappeared, this might give you an idea of the connection some people make to the film…

Many thanks to Les Stoodley who gave this wonderful and very moving speech at the premiere screening of The Disappeared in Gimli, Manitoba.

“I have heard many intros and most are good. Les’s was exceptional.”

Despite this film being set on the atlantic ocean, after selling out the first screening they had to turn more than 50 people away. Not the response you’d expect from the middle of the prairies.

” I’m honoured to introduce this film for three reasons.  The dories you will see are the same type my father used as an inshore Newfoundland fishermen to earn his living and raise a family of five children.   The yellow painted dory is a prominent part of my childhood memories. 

Secondly, my brother-in-law was the captain of the fishing trawler, Blue Wave, which sank off the coast of Newfoundland on February 9, 1959 taking 16 men to their death.  My eldest sister was widowed with 7 children.  She was 32 years old and had no insurance.  That tragedy is still vivid in the memories of all of my family. 

Finally, The Disappeared was filmed entirely off the shores of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia where I spent a decade of my life.  I know all too well, the dangers that lurk in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  I also know well, the courage and determination of those who go down to the sea in ships and do business in great waters.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, a rare glimpse of the physical and emotional strength  of East Coast fishermen awaits you with The Disappeared. “


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