The Disappeared | Brian Downey as Captain Gerald
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Brian Downey as Captain Gerald

dsc_1001Award winning actor Brian Downey is from Newfoundland, a fountain of creative output for many years. Downey’s first film role was the iconic classic The Adventures of Faustus Bidgood in which he played the demented Fred Bonia-Coombs, a man possessed with visions of bizarre education reform. His first stage role was the Mummer’s Troupe production of Some Slick, a play he also co-wrote. Since those early beginnings Downey has played in well over 100 stage plays, radio dramas, commercials and veritable multitude of TV and film productions including the lead role in the popular sci-fi series Lexx. Recently he won Best Actor award at the 2010 Atlantic Film Festival for Whirligig and dominated as the uber villian Drake in cult hit Hobo with a Shotgun. Watch for him soon as preacher Taggart in Copperhead.

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